APA Lee Brett Billiard Instruction – Pool Lesson 1 – Sighting & Aiming Tips & Tricks | Video instructions

APA Lee Brett Billiard Instruction – Pool Lesson 1 – Sighting & Aiming Tips & Tricks

World class billiard instructor Lee Brett discusses gives us a great pool lesson about Sighting & Aiming!

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  1. I need your opinion: I'm looking for a Simonis black cloth. Other than the dust which will be more apparent, I would like to know if there are other drawbacks with this color such as eye fatigue when playing for a long time, difficulty seeing the eight ball well, etc. Note: I have a good light to illuminate the table well. Thank you.

  2. My goodness, what an appalling teacher. After criticizing bad habits, he then just starts playing shots while we watch. What a waste of space. Another rubbish 'teacher'.

  3. All bloody day talking about what not to do. Get to the bloody point. 4 mins in, losing patience, nothing about sighting and aiming yet. Get on with it and stop thinking about being a show man. You're too clever.

  4. I've watched and tried just about every pool instruction video on YouTube. For some reason, I couldn't master down and off the rail shots for years. Light, heavy, rattle no confidence with less than 50% accuracy. I practiced your approach with down and shoot and helped me out tremendously. In fact, I've incorporated your technique in over 90% of my shots, working on it 100% :-). Once down making shots with my eyes closed, now enjoy practicing. I'm 70 years old, where were you 50 years ago? Heart warm …. thank you !!!! Be well …

  5. Good Advice Lee…however I learned nothing about Sighting & Aiming, but know i know "How to Approach and where to Stand". What clip do you recommend for Sighting & Aiming, CTE, 90/90, Ghost, ?? Thanks EB

  6. top teacher, love this, thank you! can't wait to try these tips and improve my game…. been playing for only 2 years but last year I've tried to be more consistent, finally making runouts in 8 ball, feels good man 😀

  7. LB, I am surprised after 141k views there are mere 85 comments! After one year, I still keep replaying your videos since my long years of bad basics keep haunting me and your lessons help me in enjoying my stints at the table. Incidentally, I am three years short of seventy, so you can imagine the number of years of bad basics to undo and then redo! Yet, when I implement your tips I produce some great shots. Please do keep adding clips; we await. with regards VishG

  8. Perfect advice i have been playing since i was 6 years old. Small table with foam rubber tips on the cues. When i was older all the great pool players thought i was gifted at pool. not true. I would lay on the floor, and line up my shots sighting down the pool cue on my belly. i would move my entire body around on the floor untill i was lined up for the shot. Then try to make it. Your arm should not move from side to side always relax and flow through the shot. Your body has to be in the right place before u even think about striking the cue ball. This guy speaks the truth. listen and learn .

  9. Good advice. I'll try to do this next time I play. But really… 11 minutes video to say "don't stand too close to the table"?

  10. need help to select a entry level stck. just friendly shooting. 125.00 to 150.00 12.5 to 12.75mm tip, 58 inches. what brand / so many people making them. whay wood, what joint/ .? any help selecting would be appreciated/ thank you

  11. Very good, solid video. It confirmed my suspicions that I'm overanalyzing situation when I play matches instead of my subconscious does the work. Just hope that's all there is to it.

  12. As a Professional pool player and Billiard Instructor myself, its funny that alot of people have actually MISSED his point; stating …."so what hes saying is, dont stand to close to the table?" . NO.Thats actually not his point… (even though he did say it around idk, 768,000 times. lmao.) But no people, what hes actually trying to emphasize is Sighting & Aiming and seeing that LINE that you have to step into( which btw is super important and will improve your game dramatically once you get that down) but anyhow, you cant see that aiming line unless you step back from the table. If your up to close to the table, Its hard to see the aiming line, let alone to step into it. And a quick, small tip from me… Not only can you not see that line unless you step back from the table, but being to close to the table causes your run out pattern to dissipate in your mind. Taking a quick walk around the table (back away from the table.lol) lets your mind and unconscious mind start to work on a run out pattern. Well, now im starting to sound like him. but anyways, his point was stepping back so you can see the AIMING LINE. Thus the Title of this video.Sighting & Aiming Tips & Tricks

  13. Hey Lee enjoying the series! I don't know if you still read these comments but in all of your videos you seem to put a pretty big emphasis on lining up the shot away from the table and just making a really quick stroke once you are down on the cue so you dont "think about it too much". However, I've been watching reruns of the US open and none of the pros seem to play this way. From what Ive seen they all stay down on the table for a good 6-8 seconds before striking the cue. Thoughts on this? Just your personal prefence?

  14. Great information but my question would be is how do you keep yourself outside the box to step in in a packed pool hall? Sometimes I table hug to keep my line, should I just go to one of the ends and step back?

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