COA | Instruction Pipeline, Pipeline Hazards | Lec 42 | GATE CSE 2021/22 Exam | Video instructions

COA | Instruction Pipeline, Pipeline Hazards | Lec 42 | GATE CSE 2021/22 Exam

In this live lecture, you will learn the Computer Organization & Architecture (COA) for GATE Computer Science Engineering. Vishvadeep Sir has covered Instruction Pipeline and Pipeline Hazards, Computer Organization and Architecture. ➤ Use Referral Code: VDEEP10, To Get 10% Discount on Unacademy Subscription.

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  1. Coming from a well known coaching institute for gate, I have found this very helpful undoubtedly but I am worried that pipelining has lot more content to it than just 2-3 hours given here, don't get me wrong but if you feel that this is it, you'll be disappointed to know it's not. Pipelining is at least as large of a section as cache itself, taking at least 8 hours of content. Sir please clarify more on this.

  2. GPK 2):11-1+8=18cycles
    general formula for such questions is (a+k-1)+(k-i)+(k+n-b)
    where instructions are as I1,I2,……..In and jump is from Ia to Ib and there are total k stage in instruction cycle and i is the conclusive stage for branch instruction

  3. Im not even doing my gate and these lectures are helpful for my master masters in data science in which Computer organisation is a subject in the first semester. good to be studying with an enthusiastic bunch of kids again 😀 great job Vishwadeep. Wish i professors like that growing up

  4. Answer for GPK2 – Total No. of cycles = (k+n-1) = (5+50-1) = 54
    No. of stall cycles = (i-1) = 4-1 = 3 where i = Execution phase where branch decision is made.
    So total no. cycles required actually to execute = 54 + Stall cycles = 54+3 = 57.
    Please correct me if i m wrong.

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