Instructions For A Bad Day | Video instructions

Instructions For A Bad Day

A student created video for Shane Koyczan.

Documentary – Conquering Silence:

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  1. I just found out about Shane Koyczan via mashable. Awesome poet. I was impressed by the poem, but more impressed by the artistry of the video that this highschooler created. I mean, this would make for a great addition to his admissions application into a great University. I think that even Cornell would have to at least take a look and appreciate the skill of the visual art. Depending on the choices this student makes, I will be very interested in seeing what kind of career he makes for himself

  2. i go to this school last year was my first year thats when the first showed this. the ooing in the background is our choir. it makes me proud o go to G.P. Vanier

  3. Bravo !!
    Vanier students and staff for taking the time to …….. take part in the Awakening
    Shane Koycaz is amazing conduit .. Thank you .. ( Long story Short )

  4. I got sent here from a random blog post I was reading. And so I watched it and the whole time I'm sitting here thinking "That looks just like my old high school, Vanier". I knew I recognized it! Even though I graduated over 10 years ago.

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