Airplane Santa Bucilla Tutorial | Reading Instructions & Making Presents | Part 2 | Video instructions

Airplane Santa Bucilla Tutorial | Reading Instructions & Making Presents | Part 2

Airplane Santa Bucilla tutorial, reading the instructions and making the presents. Welcome to another series of Christmas Stocking Tutorials! So excited to do another stocking with you! In this tutorial, I will be going through the instructions and putting the presents on the stocking. Follow along through each step to see how I put a stocking together. Bucilla felt Christmas stocking.

To learn how to thread and knot the embroidery needle, click on the link below:

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⭐Full Airplane Santa Tutorial:

⭐Want to learn how to make a Bucilla Wreath? Full Playlist:

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Airplane Santa:

Materials Used
Poly Fiberfill:
Fiskars Scissors:
Thread Fiskars Scissors:
Plastic Floss Bobbins w/ Ring:
Tomato Pin Cushion:
Straight Pins:
Best Pencils EVER:
Scotch Tape:
2.5 Gal Bag:

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  1. These are great videos! I really like how you're showing everything. I'm working on my first felt project (an advent calendar). I notice that when you sew your beads on, you use one strand but double it. Is that what you're supposed to do, or is that just what you do? On the chart for mine, it shows 1 strand but maybe I'm not doing it correctly. Hope you can let me know soon! 🙂 Thanks for these tutorial videos. I'm learning a lot! 🙂

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