AB-757 Giddyup! Core Exerciser User Instruction | Video instructions

AB-757 Giddyup! Core Exerciser User Instruction

A demostration video clip showing how to use SPT Giddyup! Core Exerciser.

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  1. I actually rode one of these at the local thrift store; someone had donated it. It was decent replication of a trot, gallop/lope was trash though. I would have bought it to use when I play Red Dead Redemption, but they wanted $150 for it…

  2. @halfgoodhalfevil. Agreed. I've tried it too and it sucks. It's like riding a downhill horse you kicks out everytime his hind legs come off the ground. It's horrible. Ride a real horse or get the dressage simulator!

  3. I have a crazy idea. Go take some riding lessons and actually lean and exercise at the same time. You can sit on this thing all day long, but until you really know how to use your core in an actual saddle, you will never benefit from this… thing. The long line without reins is the best core work you can get as far as riding work goes.

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