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Introduction to the No-Turn Cast Instructional Video!

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What was once a simple YouTube video is now a complete video swing paradigm:

In this video, Monte explains the philosophy behind the No-Turn Cast and how it can help you build an optimal golf swing.

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  1. This is so interesting. I've tried it, and it does allow good contact. I've tried it with a weight and natural shift, and noticed too much shift causes me to shank, or thin. A natural shift works better for me I guess. I'm not sure how long it'll work for me, but we'll see.

  2. The best and simplest drill I've ever seen and tried, i saw the London fog video, been struggling, so my thoughts, wide takeaway, big turn, etc, so i thought what have i got to loose? I went to the field behind where i live with air balls, no turn, cast, results amazing. So i took it to the course yesterday, my course is 6500 odd yards, I've played it 100s of time's, I'm mid 60s and had health issues, best score on this course ever was 85, i shot 82 yesterday using the no turn and cast drill, it's so bloody simple. My playing partner who's a long time friend and playing partner who's a very good player 3 handicap said how smooth and effortless my swing looked, but most importantly he noticed that my old habits of getting the club flat behind me was gone. I'd highly recommend anyone struggling to try it, its so simple and works

  3. This is just what I was looking for


    One question , at impact do you advise a strong feel of the right forearm turning over the left?


  4. Monte, Your ‘No Turn’ instruction is by far and away the best and easiest system for hitting solid and consistent golf shots I have ever seen. I went from watching your video one time to the course, no driving range. I played the best golf of my life. What’s scary is this, I increased my iron distance 1 to 2 club lengths with just a half swing. I cant wait to get back out there with a three quarter swing! Monte this is so easy its embarrassing. Thanks!

  5. Looking forward to progressing through this program. After practicing the no turn part of the backswing, I could feel that this put me into a position that was new for me. The instruction is simple and to the point. Thanks Monte!

  6. Why would this not work with a driver? Didnt you say on a different video that jt was the beet for driver….Id think it works almost better there…its probably just a feel but when I hit my driver really well it basically feels like I set the club and then cast it with my hands and wrists…and my body athletically just reacts to it…but for irons I end up getting stuck…

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