Setup Tour & Swags Giveaway (Instructions in Video) 😲🔥 College Student Edition! | Video instructions

Setup Tour & Swags Giveaway (Instructions in Video) 😲🔥 College Student Edition!

Want to win some amazing SWAGS? Watch one of the most requested videos on our Setup Tour (College Student Edition) & how Code for Cause videos are made including instructions on how to take part in our Swags Giveaway Contest! 🔥

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– Laptop: MacBook Pro 16 (Core i9) (
– Monitor: Acer Nitro 27-inch, 2560 x 1440, 144 Hz (
– Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3 (
– Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard (
– Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM4 (
– Microphone: Blue Yeti (
– Webcam: Logitech C930e (1080p) (
– Phone: Google Pixel 2 (
– Drawing Pad: HUION HS64 (
– Mouse Pad: Scarters Extended, Vegan Leather (
– Ring Lights (
– Mic Arm (
– Laptop Stand (
– Wall Mount (

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  1. My favorite Playlist was java ds algo boot camp. Also bhaiya your journey in your college was like really motivating. I'm in first year in mechanical and seriously I can't manage my studies. I want your guidance in this regard. Please bhaiya can you please share how you managed your academics and worked on open source? I know that there is a road map for 1st year students but that is for computer science students and I'm in mechanical and many of your audience may be of other branches with are not related to CS and IT so could you also guide us. Thank you bhaiya. Regards Keshav.

  2. I liked your "roadmap for 1st year students" video bcoz i had been searching for the thing what we can do in FY of our college . And i got this and now i am on this roadmap.
    BTW making really good contents. I came here via your interview with Ishan Sharma about cracking GSOC.

  3. I liked whole open source guidence playlist through which I motivated and started contribution and I also got confidence to sit in GSOC 2021.

  4. My favorite video is actually a complete playlist and that is "Complete Machine Learning Bootcamp" .This is the best explanation I found on this platform as practical a live projects can be far more useful in understanding the topic better…..Thanks for that.

  5. i think i would say my favourite one is " Open source programming, intro to GSOC,M INTERNSHIPS…..A LIST OF 15 OR SO THINGS"….damm its a big list…
    i wish i could have found it sooner…neverthless…still gonna do it…
    p.s : LOVE UR VIDEOS!!

  6. It's hard to select a favorite video on CodeForCause because it's full of quality content. Although I just loved the Machine learning bootcamp so much.

    About the mentors, I love their answers on Discord. I had discovered the CSES problem set in one of Kunal's answers on Discord and it really helped me

  7. I liked the open course guidance videos which was given by kunal and anuj sir specially about gsoc. I got lots of information about new things when I am belong to non IT background.Thank you guys for providing free content to us.

  8. Hi! Great video about to start my college next year or may be after everything cools down I'm one of the follower of your channel and I wish to keep on gaining knowledge from your videos. I hope you keep adding and adding more videos and provide knowledge to the world out there ''Learning is Limitless"…. Thank you!

  9. Hello CFC TEAM….. one of the most dedicated and regular team.
    I have been following this channel for quite a long back. I am in the whatsApp community too.
    Each and every video on this channel have a lot of information…. Beginning from roadmaps for each year to the ML projects to the other videos on open src contributions. You guys are motivation. Keep doing such and the real interested ones will support you ❤❤

  10. I was really inspired by ekta and her video '50+ programs for women in tech'. It really motivated me to explore right away and it was really cool to see her as a role model.

  11. My favourite video is roadmap for first year and actually that was the video that made me subscribe to your channel, I'm watching all the old webinars too these are really helpful thank you so much to all the mentors, and I like you (kunal sir), anuj bhaiyya and ekta mam's explanations in every class!!❤️

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