Setting up Lay Z Spa Vegas | Lay Z Spa Instructions | Video instructions

Setting up Lay Z Spa Vegas | Lay Z Spa Instructions

Setting up Lay Z Spa Vegas | Lay Z Spa Instructions

As the summer is here we decided it was time to test out these hot tubs that everyone is going on about. We don’t have space for a permanent one, so the Lay Z Spa Vegas was ideal as it is inflatable.
We’ve created a step by step instructional setup video to help anyone struggling with the installation of the Lay Z Spa Vegas,. I know that I had a few questions as I started, but it starts to make sense when you get going.
This is the Hot tub we bought

The Lay Z Spa Vegas has air jets and can heat the water to a temperature of 40 Degrees Celcius. Perfect for the British summer time.

This is the Hot tub we bought

It can hold 4 – 6 people, but I think realistically 4 people is cozy enough.

Tio setup the chemicals in the hot tub we bought a starter kit. Inside there is Chlorine Granules, PH up and down and foam remover. Keeping on top of your chlorine levels is essential for maintaining clean water. The filter needs to be changed daily, but we’ve found that you can extend its life by washing the filter out with a hose.

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  1. That`s great tutorial! Is that`s possible to use chlorine free and less harmful chemicals to run the spa, please? Is that true that this kind of hot tubs can`t run heating and bubble blowing functions simultaneously? Thank you

  2. I've noticed on my starter kit it says to dissolve the chlorine granules in warm water first. Is this a must as I notice you didn't do it here? Just wondered if you always do it like this? Thanks for the helpful video.

  3. We have ordered the new Barbados model. It's supposed to be 40% more efficient with retaining heat and can stay out all winter. It arrives in a few days. Thanks for your video. Great help for what I can expect during set up.

  4. I was advised from a hot tub company to add the chlorine granules to a bucket of warm water and slowly add into the tub whilst the pump is on and leave for 15 minutes then dip test. They said it’s much safer and helps the pump too.

  5. Excellent video thanks. How do you use the heating duration/heating timer settings? As the instructions tell you why to do but are a little confusing…needs clarifying for me anyway lol

  6. Hi got a new hot tub yesterday. I put in chlorine granules last night and tested it today. My ph level was low and my alkaline very low. So now I put 2 and a half tea spoons of ph plus in and tested it 3 hours later. Ive now got slightly high ph but only low alkalinity. How do i boost the alkalinity if ive only got the clearwater starter kit?

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