Casual VS Speedrun in GTAV #10 – Ignoring Rockstar's Instructions | Video instructions

Casual VS Speedrun in GTAV #10 – Ignoring Rockstar's Instructions

Episode #10 of Casual VS Speedrun in GTAV basically is taking everything rockstar tells us to do then not doing it. its very liberating.

These are all pretty fun missions, especially for the speedrun. The climax point of the flying in Minor Turbulence is really fun in the speedrun, its the perfect amount of dangerous but consistent. Paleto Score setup is a bit Zzz but its seriously tough to ride on the rails, here’s a video of me doing it live –

Why I kill the dog after Minor Turbulence:

Another major fail on Minor Turbulence:

I would put them in the video but they would get me in copyright trouble, I like to listen to music during my speedrun streams 🙂

I am playing as both the casual player and the speedrunner, so it’s like facing against myself with a 10 foot pole. For the casual player, I play the game as if I’ve watched a GTA V speedrunner play the game once or so, so I know the mission order and where to go between missions, then play the missions as the game instructs you, giving the most shockingly average gameplay you’ve ever seen.

The Classic% Category in GTAV Speedrunning is the most competitive category, you can see the leaderboards and view all the details and rules here if you so wish:

If you like these heavy commentary videos of GTA V Speedrun stuff, or GTA Online stuff, checkout my other videos. A playlist of every GTA V Casual vs Speedrun can be found here:

If you would like to see the time difference spreadsheet for the Casual vs Speedrun, you can do so here:

♫ GTA V Soundtrack – Flight School Theme
♫ GTA V Soundtrack – Minor Turbulence
♫ GTA V Soundtrack – “Crocodile Tears”
♫ GTA V Soundtrack – Paleto Score Setup
♫ GTA V Soundtrack – “Track VII”
♫ SpongeBob – Twelfth Street Rag

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  1. heyo, pretty no-frills episode, just pumped out the same stuff trying to imrprove on the casual + getting audio all nice. i post videos there if you dont trust youtube notifications. if you have feedback or suggestions leave a comment thanks 🙂

    (if you reply to this comment i will read it but youtube makes it hard to reply to, if you want a reply then make a new comment chain, thanks!)

  2. just wondering, do you ever get bored playing the same gta missions over and over? like i can’t beat a game twice because i get bored, how do you do that??

  3. You accidentally[insert quotation marks if you do it on purpose] kill a dog in Gta 5: "It was annoying."

    You accidentally kill your Minecraft dog: "I will never forgive myself."

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