Pairing Your Speed Sensor — Official Instructions | Zwift | Video instructions

Pairing Your Speed Sensor — Official Instructions | Zwift

Have a traditional trainer? You’ll need a speed sensor. This device attaches to your rear wheel and communicates your efforts to Zwift. Follow our guide to pair your speed sensor with the Zwift app.

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Connect your speed sensor to Zwift in just a few easy steps.

1. Attach your speed sensor to the hub of your rear wheel.
2. Log in to Zwift.
3. Pedal to wake up sensors.
4. Select “Search” underneath the Speed Sensor category.
a. Your speed sensor should appear on the pop-up menu. Select it.
5. Tire size defaults to 700c, the standard for road bikes. If your tires aren’t 700c, choose the correct option from the drop-down menu.
6. Scroll through and find your supported classic trainer from the next window that appears.
a. Select yours and click “Okay.”
7. You’re ready to ride.

Zwift is the app that makes indoor training fun. Connecting cyclists and runners around the world, Zwift mixes the intensity of training with the immersive and engaging play of gaming. Ride or run virtual worlds with a community that motivates you at every mile. You’ll get faster and stronger and have a blast doing it.

You can become the undisputed king of the mountain, leave your competitors in your wake to become the sprint jersey holder, or simply join your friends for a leisurely run on a Sunday morning.

And you can make fun fast day or night, even if it’s raining, snowing, or just plain awful outside. Got goals? We’ve got a training plan for you that adjusts automatically depending on your schedule. Just want a workout? We have more than a thousand to choose from, or you can build a custom workout.

Just download our app, connect your bike to your indoor trainer, and start your 7-day free trial. And if you want to run, you can do that for free. Just download our app, connect your treadmill or cadence tracker, and you’ll be off and Zwifting in no time.

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  1. Ian says you need a Bluetooth or Ant+ speed sensor, and a classic trainer. We have got a Bryton Ant+ Speed (and Cadence) sensor, and a Blue Twist T2675 trainer. Follow his steps, Search and set tyre size to 700 x 23c… but get NO further. "Pings" away on Bluetooth symbol…. but can't do anything. Ian mentions NOTHING about an Ant+ stick (Dongle) in this Zwift official instruction video… but I'm pretty sure we DO actually need one, right?!

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